News 2017

One male and four female brindle puppies arrived in kennel Perla Roztocza kennel (Poland) on Valentine's day.

For more informations please visit the website of breeder Kennel Perla Roztocza, Marlena Misiarz.


News 2016

Genetic testing


After receiving the first perfect genetic results of his children, we decided to check CAMUS himself for three boxer-typical and genetically based diseases. We are more than happy about his perfect results, which were determined by an international accredited laboratory:


ARVC Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy wildtype/wildtype = CLEAR ( tested via STRN )

DM Degenerative Myelopathy wildtype/wildtype = CLEAR ( tested via SOD1)

JKD Renal Dysplasia wildtype/wildtype = CLEAR ( tested via PTGS2/COX-2 )


As far as we know CAMUS is the only boxer stud male who is tested wildtype/CLEAR for all these genetic mutations.

News 2015

P-litter von Jahwe (D)

December 2015 | The P-litter von Jahwe (D), mother Sambuca Glogosia, has been registered withoult any faults.

Champion of Czechia

November 2015 | Camus was awarded with the title "Champion of Czechia"

International Dog Show Prague

November 2015 | Working class Ex1 + CAC ( judge J.Suchy )
Now he meets all conditions for Champion of Czechia.

Campionato dell'anno Italia 2015

September 2015 | Champion class Ex1 ( judge F.Censi )

Special Show Lörrach

August 2015 |

champion class Ex1 + Anw.Dt.Champ.(VDH)

( judge R.Bebber )

Mating of Camus in kennel Jahwe (Germany)

On 09.08.2015 Sambuca Glogosiea,

kennel von Jahwe (Germany)
has been mated to Camus.

Deutscher Champion (VDH)

July 2015 | Camus von Nirvalis has been awarded to the title "Deutscher Champion (VDH).

Special Show Warnowblick

June 2015 |

Working class Ex1 + Anw.Dt.Champ.

(VDH) ( judge M. Östlund-Holmsten )
Now he meets all conditions for the title

"Deutscher Champion (VDH).

IPO1 for Camus

On 01.05.2015 Camus von Nirvalis passed together with his handler Erich Ullrich
at BK Wurzen the IPO1 (TSB a) test successfully ( judge M.Felber ).

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